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Multi-Parameter Discrete Analyzer - SmartChem®200 - KPM Analytics
Westborough, MA, United States
Multi-Parameter Discrete Analyzer SmartChem®200
SmartChem® 200 is a fully automated wet chemistry direct read, discrete analyzer for photometric and electrochemical analysis. It offers a throughput of up to 200 tests per hour with optional pH/Conductivity/ORP analytical and Nitrate sample preparation modules. It is equipped with 5 universal separate racks for loading of samples, controls and calibrators, allowing up to 126 positions and 16 different reagents to be loaded. The instrument is supplied with a set of 12 wavelength filters, ranging from 340 – 880 nm, allowing 9 to be mounted on board simultaneously. This allows for visible spectrum photometry. Photometric analysis can be paired with a pH/Conductivity/ORP testing via built-in module. In addition, The SmartChem® 200 can be equipped with a reagent cooler system and a unique onboard, regeneration capable preparatory Nitrate Cd reduction module and a bar code reader for sample loading. Features Multi-parametric (consolidation) automated platform Photometric and Electrochemistry analysis Automated integrated reagents and samples barcode reader (optional) Automated start-up to instrument readiness Low water consumption IF THEN driven test sequences Programmable and monitored cuvette wash module Reagent inventory system and liquid level sensing pH/Cond/ORP and Nitrate add-on modules available Available ready-to-use reagents for diverse methods Benefits Increased efficiency and productivity through instrument consolidation and testing automation. Free-up your staff from tedious and repetitive tasks. Microlitre reactions - Reduced reagent usage and waste generation – improved cost efficiency and environmental footprint. Guaranteed stability, reproducibility and traceability with our ready-to-use dedicated reagents. Improved automation level with our optional bar code readers for reagents and samples – allowing full LIMS integration. Automated out-of-range retesting decision making. Cost end environmental efficiency via our Cuvette Monitored Wash Cycle. Optimization of time-consuming techniques such as pH, Cond, ORP.
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Technical Specifications

  KPM Analytics
Product Category Water Quality Photometers and Colorimeters
Product Number SmartChem®200
Product Name Multi-Parameter Discrete Analyzer
Measured Parameter Phosphorus
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