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General Purpose On-Line NIR Sensor - MCT460 - KPM Analytics
Westborough, MA, United States
General Purpose On-Line NIR Sensor MCT460
Product Overview Continuous Measurement of Moisture, Oil, & Other Parameters Thousands of MCT460 sensors have been installed at many of the largest industrial manufacturing plants in the world. The sensors help operators control moisture to within one tenth of a percent to meet product specs every time. The MCT460 is built using NIR technology that is widely used and accepted in a wide range of industries for moisture, oil, and other on-line measurements. Features Simple to operate, integrate and standardize across multiple lines and locations Rugged enclosure withstands harsh conditions Proprietary temperature-controll ed detector ensures measurement stability Fully modular with all components easily replaceable in the field Easy to troubleshoot with advanced on-board diagnostics Benefits Improve process control and final quality using accurate measurements of moisture, oil, and other parameters Make quick decisions and adjustments to the production line using the analysis data Save costs and reduce waste, which improves your company’s bottom line
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Technical Specifications

  KPM Analytics
Product Category Moisture Meters
Product Number MCT460
Product Name General Purpose On-Line NIR Sensor
Form Factor Analyzer
Variables Measured Moisture Content
Moisture Content Accuracy 0.1000 ±%
Technology Infrared
Moisture Content Range 0.1000 to 60 %
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