Radiant Vision Systems Headlamp Evaluation Module for ProMetric® Software PM-HL™

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Headlamp Evaluation Module for ProMetric® Software - PM-HL™ - Radiant Vision Systems
Redmond, WA, USA
Headlamp Evaluation Module for ProMetric® Software PM-HL™
Evaluation tool kit specific to US and ECE headlamp standards ProMetric® software is a Windows-based software suite that provides equipment control, data acquisition and image analysis when used with ProMetric Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters. Together, this combination provides rapid and accurate measurement of luminance and color for a broad range of light sources, flat panel displays, keypads / keyboards and optical materials. PM-HL, the headlamp evaluation module for ProMetric software, enables accurate evaluation of headlamp beam patterns. It also permits conversion of headlamp beam patterns into roadway illumination distributions. A typical PM-HL system consists of: ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter or ProMetric Y Imaging Photometer PM-AC4001 Metal Halide illumination Calibration Lamp PM-HL Software Key Features: Point of Interest set that contains both US and ECE POIs Conversion between illuminance distribution, luminous intensity distribution and roadway illumination distribution Representation of a road overlaid on the measurement bitmap Automatic determination of the "beam elbow" datum position and alignment of camera image to that position Evaluation of ECE Reg 20 test points for left or right hand drive Headlamp cut-off gradient calculation per regulation Multiple data analysis functions, including bitmaps, isoplots, cross-sections, gradient lines and more Simplified pass / fail testing Head Lamp Analysis Report to document results of evaluations
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  Radiant Vision Systems
Product Category Image Analysis Software
Product Number PM-HL™
Product Name Headlamp Evaluation Module for ProMetric® Software
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