Radiant Vision Systems INSPECT™ R1 Machine Vision Software Toolkit INSPECT™ R1

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INSPECT™ R1 Machine Vision Software Toolkit - INSPECT™ R1 - Radiant Vision Systems
Redmond, WA, USA
INSPECT™ R1 Machine Vision Software Toolkit INSPECT™ R1
Software to enable flexible, customizable, automated visual surface inspection leveraging high-precision ProMetric® imaging systems The INSPECT™ R1 platform is a flexible set of software tools that enables the creation of a wide range of cosmetic visual inspection processes and custom solutions. Combined with Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric® high-resolution, low-noise imaging systems, INSPECT R1 software detects subtle, low-contrast defects on surfaces and devices. Manufacturers who need to meet expectations for high quality product appearance require precise and efficient visual inspection. With INSPECT R1 tools, images are analyzed to identify diverse features simultaneously, both predictable (e.g., logos and icons) and randomly occurring (e.g., surface defects) to ensure finish quality. Advanced logic within the INSPECT R1 platform allows users to apply specific defect tolerances for pass/fail determinations in production inspection. INSPECT R1 Software Tools and Features A specialized software platform for automated machine vision solution development, INSPECT R1 provides a flexible framework with a powerful set of image pre-processing and analysis tools for custom visual inspection. Image Pre-Processing Tools Feature Find Tool Alignment Tool Region Tool Filter Tool Edge Tool Image Analysis Tools Histogram Tool Blob Tool Template Tool Communications Two-way data communications function with factory automation subsystems. Protocols supported: TCP/IP Byte array / RS-232 Byte array / UDP An Image Output tool allows compressed images to be stored, with or without graphic overlays. Workflow Editor Supports creation of custom sequences of operations that can be stored and reused.
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  Radiant Vision Systems
Product Category Image Analysis Software
Product Number INSPECT™ R1
Product Name INSPECT™ R1 Machine Vision Software Toolkit
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