Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. Color Reader CR-10 Plus

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Color Reader CR-10 Plus
Konica Minolta's CR-10 Plus (successor to the CR-10) color difference reader is a portable, battery powered, and hand-held instrument for quick, precise color control. The CR-10 Plus tristimulus colorimeter is easily operable, economical and portable like never before. With a built-in utility software application, it allows changing of instrument settings, set tolerances, pass/fail judgment and data analysis directly on the instrument. Also includes USB connectivity to a computer for easy data transferring. CR-10 Plus has the ability to measure precise color difference expressed in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*H* and dE* displayed on an easy to view LCD screen. The CR-10 Plus boasts a standard measuring area of 8 mm and 5 mm with an optional accessory allowing it useful in a broad array of applications. All color measurements are taken using conditions of the standard illuminant D65 and 10 degrees observer and Specular Component Included (SCI) while offering a Xenon lamp light source for longer life and more stable readings. The CR-10 Plus color reader is used to assess color differences between two samples. Its compact design allows it to be used easily in the field, or in the lab. This is a high-quality and economical instrument that is perfect for users in need of an easy-to-use color reader. The CR-10 Plus does not sacrifice elegance for simplicity. It is easily operable and ergonomic for repeated use over long periods of time.
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Technical Specifications

  Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.
Product Category Color Sensors
Product Number CR-10 Plus
Product Name Color Reader
Application Type True Color Recognition
Port Type Serial Interface
Operating Temperature 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)
Output Options Digital (NPN, PNP); Internal Storage
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