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2-inch Dimensional Lumber
Our 2-inch dimensional lumber is a prime example of how Georgia-Pacific provides superior-quality lumber to meet the demanding needs of builders. Details Production process utilizes advanced computerized controls for precision and accuracy, while adhering to strict grading rules to deliver lumber that performs to your expectations. #2 Prime not only provides the #2 grade characteristics and durability you expect, but also an exceptional appearance and the absence of wane. Available in dimensions from 2" x 4" to 2" x 12", while offering unsurpassed quality and appearance. Carefully dried and stabilized to ensure they maintain the right moisture content to resist shrinking, bowing and warping. Variety of grades to meet your needs Reliable and dependable sourcing with Southern Pine sawmills stretching from North Carolina to Texas. Georgia-Pacific sawmills are freight logical to multiple ocean going ports, allowing us to ship our products all over the world to meet our customers’ demands. Applications Excellent for pressure treating, light frame construction, general utility framing, studs, rafters and floor and roof trusses for single and multi-family homes Industrial uses include bracing, blocking, pallets, crating Used for repair and remodeling additions and alterations Sizes 2” x 4”, 6’ to 20’ 2” x 6”, 6’ to 20’ 2” x 8”, 6’ to 20’ 2” x 10”, 6’ to 20’ 2” x 12”, 6’ to 20’ Stability Our Southern Pine is kiln-dried for stability and to help minimize warping and shrinkage associated with green lumber. Treating Southern pine has a cellular structure that allows for deep, penetration of preservatives, and can be used for outdoor projects such as decks and gazebos. Nearly 85% of all pressure treated wood produced in the United States is Southern Pine.
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  Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Product Category Lumber and Engineered Wood
Product Name 2-inch Dimensional Lumber
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