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KDV - High Accuracy Glass Tube Rotameter -  - KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
KDV - High Accuracy Glass Tube Rotameter
Product Features Industrial and Sanitary Designs Body Sizes 1/2†Through 2†Reliable, Time Proven Glass Tube Design Flanged, Threaded or Tri-Clamp Fittings ±1.0% of Full Scale Accuracy Optional Surface Finishes for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications Optional Switches Special Calibrations for Compressed Gases and Viscous Media The KDV series are high quality glass tube variable-area flowmeters (rotameters). This classic design is still the most widely used flowmeter style in the world today. The simple variable-area design makes the flowmeter a perfect choice when ease of installation and operation is a must. The KDV features a tempered glass measuring tube which is inert to most chemicals. This tube is suitable for measurement of both liquids and gases. Liquid flow ranges are available from 0.01 to 0.1 GPH through 265 to 2645 GPH water. Gas flow ranges are available from 0.025 to 0.25 SCFH through 670 to 6700 SCFH air. Custom Calibrations are Standard Each KDV series is built specifically for the application. The KDV will arrive with a direct reading scale which is calibrated for your operating conditions. The KDV can be calibrated for viscous media, chemicals, and various compressed gases. The scale will be provided in any measuring units the user specifies when ordering. The application datasheet provided with the operating conditions will provide all the data required to properly factory calibrate the flowmeter. A KDV for Every Application The KDV is ideal for industrial and sanitary applications. The standard model is available with NPT threaded or flanged connections. Polished finishes and Tri-Clamp fittings for food and pharmaceutical applications are available. Meters for other specialized applications can always be considered.
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  KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.
Product Category Liquid Flow Meters
Product Name KDV - High Accuracy Glass Tube Rotameter
Operating Pressure 100 to 130 psi (70.38 to 91.49 m H2O)
Gas Volumetric Flow Rate 1.00E-3 to 64.67 SCFM (0.0017 to 110 m³/hr)
Liquid Volumetric Flow Rate 0.00 to 15.50 GPM (6.31E-4 to 58.71 L/min)
Meter Type Volumetric Flow Meter
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