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Frick® Vertical Refrigeration Accumulator
At FrickĀ® by Johnson Controls, we engineer our Vertical Accumulators to provide protection for refrigeration vapor compressors by preventing occasional liquid in the suction line from entering the suction of the compressors. Our high quality refrigeration accumulator features a 12-96 inch diameter and runs up to 170 inches long. We also offer industrial accumulators with internal pipe coils to control the accumulation of liquid inside the vessels and help keep your operation running smoothly. Features and Benefits Resources Designed and rated for the specified refrigerant and operating conditions. All nozzle connections are sized according to industry standard criteria based on the refrigerant and specified operating conditions. FrickĀ® Coolware software allows custom rating of the accumulator with various refrigerants, nozzle sizing based on maximum vessel capacity or specific capacity and modification of the nozzle locations (based on limitations). The accumulator vessel and components are abrasively cleaned prior to assembly assuring a clean interior and maximum adhesion of the final exterior paint system. The finished vessel is pressure tested to assure the integrity of all welds, vacuum dehydrated and finally charged with a 15 psi nitrogen charge for shipment and storage. The accumulator with the internal pipe coil (VAC) controls the buildup of any trapped liquid refrigerant.
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Product Category Storage Tanks and Process Tanks
Product Name Frick® Vertical Refrigeration Accumulator
Type Pressure Vessel
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