Jiangsu Sunkaier Industrial Technology Co., LTD Vacuum Rotary Dryer SK4000


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Vacuum Rotary Dryer SK4000
Rotary vacuum dryers offer clean, simple and effective method of drying wet cake, powder and even slurry. Labor and energy costs are minimal compared to tray dryers and product losses during handling are also negligible. Additionally valuable organic solvents can be conveniently condensed and recovered. Working Principle The drying in a rotary vacuum dryer is a batch operation under vacuum. It is possible to dry heat sensitive materials at well below boiling points of water and solvents. Drying time depends on material being dried, amount of solvent or water to be removed, desired final moisture content, permissible jacket temperature etc. The dryer is available in sizes ranging from 100 liters to 20,000 liters gross volume. The volume of wet material loaded into the dryer is usually restricted to 40-45% of gross volume.
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Technical Specifications

  Jiangsu Sunkaier Industrial Technology Co., LTD
Product Category Process Dryers
Product Number SK4000
Product Name Vacuum Rotary Dryer
Heat Source Thermal Oil / Fluid; Steam
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