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Retreat Curve Impeller R800
The impellers in the R800 Series are excellent uniformity of dispersion in the tank and fluidization of material in solid-liquid mixing and slurry mixing under low-revolution and low dynamic power conditions. Their proximity to the tank bottom makes them less susceptible to liquid surface fluctuation and ensures particle uniformity. Shearing force control is achieved by controlling pressure fields, such as the combination of the impellers and static blades. The unique profile is the result of research into pressure distribution in the tank serving as a mixer. It enables a large circulation flow pattern and an extremely high discharge capability that cannot be expected even from large and wide blades. At the same time, the power requirement is low
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  Jiangsu Sunkaier Industrial Technology Co., LTD
Product Category Impellers
Product Number R800
Product Name Retreat Curve Impeller
Type Retreat Curve
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