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WebAlert™ WA400
WebAlert® was developed to meet the increasing demands for improved operational efficiencies and enhancements to service programs that can be gained by continuous monitoring of remote equipment and systems. WebAlert® seamlessly web-enables your installed equipment, providing local and remote access to vital system information, without the need to physically visit remote sites. WebAlert® monitors and datalogs analog and digital inputs from virtually any installed device, and notifies on-site and remote personnel of any system abnormalities. The data handling and communications options in WebAlert® are truly innovative. Ethernet and USB are standard features, therefore local or plant networked PC’s can be connected and communicating with WebAlert® in true Plug & Play fashion. Authorized operators and quality control personnel can view LIVE system parameters and historical graphs, as well as receive emailed alarms, reports or datalog files. SUMMARY OF KEY BENEFITS WebAlert integrates the functions of a monitor, data logger and auto-dialer in one low cost package. It is easily customized to your application without the need for a programmer. No subscription service, monthly fees, or proprietary software is required. View data and program settings with just a standard web browser Monitor up to six (6) 4-20mA signals and six (6) discrete inputs. Access live or stored data remotely within the facility (LAN) or from anywhere in the world System status reports and datalog files can be emailed automatically on a regular basis. Instant alarm notification via cell phone text message, email, or local alarm relay
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Technical Specifications

  Iwaki America and Walchem, IWAKI America Inc
Product Category Data Acquisition Systems and Instruments
Product Number WA400
Product Name WebAlert™
Operating Temperature 32 to 140 F (0 to 60 C)
Network Options Ethernet
DC Voltage 0-40 V
User Interface Computer Programmable
Web Enabled Web Enabled
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