Isabellenhutte USA Thermoelectric Alloy Iron

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Thermoelectric Alloy - Iron - Isabellenhutte USA
Swansea, MA, United States
Thermoelectric Alloy Iron
IRON is used as positive leg of the thermocouple types J and L. For extension leads, IRON is used for JPX and LPX. As compensating lead, IRON is used as positive leg for KCA. The thermoelectric voltages for LP(X) and KPCA differ from JP(X) materials depending on standards. The standardized temperature range of the different application possibilities of IRON is available in the tables of the glossary. The IRON supplied by Isabellenhütte mainly is copper coated and free of rust. All packaging units are protected with antirust substances. Form of Delivery IRON is supplied in the form of wires with dimensions from 0.12 to 4.75 mm ø copper plated. Enamelled wires are available in dimensions between 0.12 and 1.50 mm ø. IRON can also be supplied in form of stranded wire, ribbon, flat wire and rods. Please contact us for the range of dimensions.
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  Isabellenhutte USA
Product Category Metal Shapes and Stock
Product Number Iron
Product Name Thermoelectric Alloy
Type Alloy
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