Invotec Solutions Ltd. Tracer (Switching) Digital Flow Meters W-BB-DDS-12B-B


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Tracer (Switching) Digital Flow Meters - W-BB-DDS-12B-B - Invotec Solutions Ltd.
Stonebridge, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Tracer (Switching) Digital Flow Meters W-BB-DDS-12B-B
The Tracer Electronic Switching Flowmeter is designed for permanent installation to closely monitor water flow andtemperature conditions. Selectable analogue signal transmits 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 Volts; signal is scaleable for flow and temperature. The SPDT switch in the Tracer flow meter can be wired directly to a process control system or other peripheral equipment. The BSP(P) threaded openings provide versatile, leak-free connections to match existing plumbing. Tracer flowmeter is suitable for use in injection molding machine cooling water loops, lube oil systems, blending systems, filter condition indicators, and varied applications requiring flow measurement of clean, non-viscous, chemically compatible process liquids. Features and Benefits Mount in any position Bi-directional flow reading Turbine flow measurement BTU's per minute calculation Remotely powered by 8-28 VDC Temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius Programmable SPDT switch, 1A, 30VAC/42VDC 0 to 5 or 0-10 Volts selectable analog output - New Feature 3/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" and 2" BSP(F) connection sizes RoHS Compliant (removal of components containing lead) - New Flow rate in gallons or liters per minute, +/- 5% Accuracy based on full range Flow Characteristic Indicator - New - Why is this important (read our cooling article)
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Technical Specifications

  Invotec Solutions Ltd.
Product Category Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches
Product Number W-BB-DDS-12B-B
Product Name Tracer (Switching) Digital Flow Meters
Mounting In-line
Operating Pressure 150 psi (106 m H2O)
Front Panel Interface Digital Front Panel
Operating Temperature -32 to 180 F (-36 to 82 C)
End Fittings In-line Threaded
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