Invotec Solutions Ltd. Ambersil Amberclens Mold Cleaner W-AMS-AMCL


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Ambersil Amberclens Mold Cleaner - W-AMS-AMCL - Invotec Solutions Ltd.
Stonebridge, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Ambersil Amberclens Mold Cleaner W-AMS-AMCL
Ambersil Amberclens Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner A multipurpose, anti-static foaming cleaner. Ideal for general cleaning on a wide variety of electronic, industrial, aerospace and commercial equipment. Removes tough, stubborn stains such as grease, grime, dirt and nicotine. Safe for use on plastics, metals, painted and glazed surfaces Anti-static formulation, reduces the attraction of airborne dust Foaming action limits over application Meets Military, Rail and automotive specifications - NATO catalogue No. 6550-99-2125987, British Rail catalogue No. 7/7056, Ford Motor Company Tox No. 148491 Fitted with 360º spray system for all angle use Quick and easy to use. Spray on, wipe off
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  Invotec Solutions Ltd.
Product Category Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments
Product Number W-AMS-AMCL
Product Name Ambersil Amberclens Mold Cleaner
Type Aerosol / Contact Cleaner
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