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Bruchsal, Germany
Solid Fuel Firing Systems
Rising prices for fossil fuels and increasing demand for CO2 neutral regenerative fuels require solutions using the latest proven technology. INTEC has developed improved solid fuel firing systems for the environmentally friendly combustion of solid fuels. Many by-products from production processes can be used as fuels like wood waste, bark, sander dust and other biomass. By reducing the use of fossil fuels to a minimum, INTEC plants contribute to lower operating costs. A variety of firing systems are offered by INTEC, matching different combinations of requirements and fuels: Underfeed stoker firing systems with low output of approx. 3MW for coarse wood waste with a moisture content range of 10 – 100% dry base Inclined step grate firing systems type series VRCS with an output of approx. 60MW and a moisture content of approx. 180% dry base Travelling grate firing systems for the combustion of brown coal or bituminous coal Dust from sifting and sanding can be injected through the grate or in the post combustion chamber and thus be burnt saving cost and lowering emissions. Due to their robust design, our step grates ensure high operational reliability and high availability. Of course, our plants also guarantee compliance with the emission regulations concerning CO and total organic Carbon (Hydrocarbons). For fuels with higher nitrogen content secondary measures for reduction of NOx-emission like SNCR can be added. Depending on the individual operation requirements, the process heat is transferred by hot gas, thermal oil, steam or hot water to the consumers. The capacity is variable and ranges from 1,000kW up to 90,000kW.
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