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WaveData Radio Frequency Systems
Radio Frequency Units Operating on the 900 MHz radio band, the radio frequency modems are license free. Consuming very little power, they run for months on alkaline batteries or virtually forever on solar systems. Communication range varies from 300 feet to 5 miles, depending on line-of-sight obstructions, height and type of antennas, and additional store and forward repeaters. A master radio connected to a host computer can communicate with many remote radios, each of which can be connected to several Smart Sensors, thus creating a network to monitor an entire site or several nearby sites from one central location. Data Collection Systems WaveData Wireless Data Collection Systems combine INW's patented AquiStar® Smart Sensor/Dataloggers with modems and/or radio frequency units to create powerful data collection and monitoring systems. AquiStar Smart Sensors communicate using industry standard digital RS485 interfaces and Modbus® communication protocols. They store thousands of records, operate on low power, and feature easy to use software with powerful features, including the ability to create complex test sequences and display uploaded data in tables and graphs. INW carries Smart Sensors for a variety of parameters, including pressure, temperature, pH, ISE, redox, and conductivity. Software Aqua4Plus, INW's easy-to-use Windows-based software, communicates with and controls INW's state-of-the-art Smart Sensors. Aqua4Plus is designed as a multi-layered control program, capable of controlling a number of separate sensors via cable, radio, cellular or land-line modem, or some combination thereof. Use Aqua4Plus to create and store powerful test sequences as well as to upload and view data in either tabular or graphic format. Aqua4Plus also controls remote relays via WaveData units, allowing the user to remotely control attached equipment such as pumps or various other equipment. Also available is INW's automatic polling software, Aqua4Push, which captures data from multiple sites and pushes it up to an Internet site at specific timed intervals. Features For use with AquiStar® Smart Sensors Radio Frequency Wireless Units License-free radio bands Long life batteries Less expensive than cabling Power Supplies with Solar or Line Power Charging Options Compact - Easy to Install Weather Proof (IP67 or NEMA 4X) Easy to Use Software

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