Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies / Air Motors Heat-of Compression (HOC) Dryers H Series

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Heat-of Compression (HOC) Dryers H Series
Heat-of-compression (HOC) dryers are dual-tower, desiccant designs. The HOC dryer is the most energy-efficient dryer available. It recovers the heat that is a natural by-product of the compression process. This “free” heat is utilized in the air drying process to provide moisture-free air, while consuming virtually no energy Ingersoll Rand heat-of-compression (HOC) dryers, the H-Series and HC-Series, are the world’s simplest, and most reliable, regenerative dryers. Their design innovation, coupled with unsurpassed performance, will help assure the reliability of your compressed air system Heat-of-compression dryers are the most cost-effective means to protect air lines, tools and expensive instrumentation. The H-Series dryer does not use any heaters or blowers. The only operating cost is for electricity needed to power the microprocessor controls – less than 24 watts, or the equivalent of a light bulb. No other compressed air dryer can deliver dry air at so low an annual operating cost.
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Technical Specifications

  Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies / Air Motors
Product Category Compressed Air Dryers
Product Number H Series
Product Name Heat-of Compression (HOC) Dryers
Dryer Technology Desiccant
Min. Dewpoint -60 to 0.0 F (-51.11 to -17.78 C)
Regeneration Internally Heated Regeneration
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