Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Can Conveying - IMI Magnetic Conveying Rail

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Can Conveying - IMI Magnetic Conveying Rail -  - Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Boyne City, MI, United States
Can Conveying - IMI Magnetic Conveying Rail
IMI Magnetic Conveying Rail utilizes powerful permanent magnets to hold ferrous parts such as steel containers, composite cans, cans and lids, firmly in place during conveying. The magnetic rail is installed as a stationary component and allows the conveyor belting to ride over the top of it. The strong magnetic field holds parts tightly to the belt surface, even during vertical, inclined or horizontal conveying. Slipping or rolling of items is eliminated, and conveying speeds are able to increase. Additional benefits include better utilization of space within a facility, noise reduction, correct part orientation, and on-time material flow. IMI has a full line of quality magnetic components available in a wide variety of sizes and strengths to meet your application needs.
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  Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Conveyors
Product Name Can Conveying - IMI Magnetic Conveying Rail
Material Conveyed Bulk Materials; Unit Handling
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