Imao-Fixtureworks Position Sensor Receptacles QCWE-M-S

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Position Sensor Receptacles - QCWE-M-S - Imao-Fixtureworks
Fraser, MI, United States
Position Sensor Receptacles QCWE-M-S
DESCRIPTION These receptacles allow clamping to be detected by sensor. They are made for use with QCWE-series knob-locking fasteners. The sensor reacts when the tip of the fastener pin pushes the contacting surface down. Detection of clamping status prevents human error and improper operation of machinery. Made from 303 stainless steel. The lock nuts are made from stainless steel.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Industrial Pins
Product Number QCWE-M-S
Product Name Position Sensor Receptacles
Design Units Metric
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