Imao-Fixtureworks Castor, C7 Series CAC7

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Castor, C7 Series - CAC7 - Imao-Fixtureworks
Fraser, MI, United States
Castor, C7 Series CAC7
Feature The brake simultaneously stops the swivel of the bracket's turning plate and the rotation of the wheel.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Casters
Product Number CAC7
Product Name Castor, C7 Series
Overall Height 2.64 to 4.09 inch (67 to 104 mm)
Plate Size From: 55mm x 55mm to 60mm x 67mm
Caster Type Rigid Plate Caster (optional feature); Swivel Plate Caster (optional feature); Stem Caster; Wheel Caster
Maximum Load 78.68 to 124 lbs (35.68 to 56.07 kg)
Color Black
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