ITW Chemtronics CW3300G

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 - 495240 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
This overcoat pen applies a tough conformal overcoat to protect and insulate circuit boards, components and delicate electronics as easily as writing. Circuitworks Overcoat Pen. Insulates against shorting and arcing. Protects against abrasion, moisture and chemicals. Helps prevent static discharge problems on sensitive circuits. Compatible with the Circuit Works® Conductive Pen Package Size = 4.9 g Package Type = Pen Application = PCBs Material = Acrylic Colour = Green Maximum Operating Temperature = +125°C Minimum Operating Temperature = -55°C
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Technical Specifications

  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Encapsulants and Potting Compounds
Product Number 495240
Product Name
Use Temperature -67 to 257 F (-55 to 125 C)
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