igus® inc. Polysorb® Polymer Disc Springs Series JTEM

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Polysorb® Polymer Disc Springs - Series JTEM - igus® inc.
East Providence, RI, United States
Polysorb® Polymer Disc Springs Series JTEM
Spring washers are discs that can be axially loaded and are concave in the axial direction. Polysorb disc springs require less space than other spring types. They are especially suitable for designs that do not require a high spring length. When to use Polysorb disc springs Compensation for axial clearances and manufacturing tolerances Vibration dampening Noise dampening Anti-magnetic Electrical and thermal insulation When no corrosion problems should arise No lubrication necessary Lightweight Low profile dimensions Maintenance-free When not to use them When constant spring forces are necessary over wide temperature ranges When high spring forces are required The spring length of the disc spring is relatively small. In practice, a number of disc springs are combined. Disc springs that are alternately stacked increase the spring length proportionally to the amount of springs. The total spring force is as large as the force of one single disc spring. In order to increase the force, the disc springs can be parallel stacked to form a spring packet. Chemical resistance Polysorb disc springs are acid-resistant against diluted lyes and very weak acids, as well as against fuels and all types of lubricants. The small moisture absorption permits the use in wet or moist environments.
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Technical Specifications

  igus® inc.
Product Category Washers
Product Number Series JTEM
Product Name Polysorb® Polymer Disc Springs
Inside Diameter 0.205 to 0.803 inch (5.200 to 20.400 mm)
Thickness 0.020 to 0.089 inch (0.500 to 2.250 mm)
Load 1.12 to 31.47 lbs (0.5079 to 14.27 kg)
Washer Type Conical; Disc Spring
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