IET Labs, Inc. Decade Substituter Model RCS-502


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Decade Substituter - Model RCS-502 - IET Labs, Inc.
Roslyn Heights, NY, USA
Decade Substituter Model RCS-502
The RC-box combines the features and specifications of both the R-box and the C-box in one convenient package. Ideal for setting timers, oscillators, and filters, the resistance and capacitance may be used independently, in series, or in parallel. A shorting link allows them to be coupled or separated.
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Technical Specifications

  IET Labs, Inc.
Product Category Decade Boxes and Dividers
Product Number Model RCS-502
Product Name Decade Substituter
Type Resistance; Capacitance; DecadeBox
Accuracy 0.10 +/- %
Capacitance Range 0.0 to 100 microF
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