Hymark/Kentucky Gauge Automatic Drill System KDP Series


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Automatic Drill System - KDP Series - Hymark/Kentucky Gauge
Owensboro, KY, USA
Automatic Drill System KDP Series
Features • Heavy duty rack and pinion drive • Carriage with hardened double ball bearings • Magnetic linear encoder for direct measuring • Motor brake for secure positioning • LED controller, displays in 0.001in (LCD available for fractional) • 3,000 line program memory (hole-list) • RS232 interface with PC • Linear error compensation, 100 points • Pneumatic material clamps • Two speed stroke control with variable drill feed • Proximity sensors for end of stroke • Clean hole breakthrough • Adjustments for varying material widths & center line changes Specifications • Carriage travel speed: 15in/sec, others available upon request • Repeatability: +/- 0.001in (+/- 0.03mm) • Encoder accuracy: +/- 0.001in/ft (+/- 0.1mm/m) • Total length: measuring length + 36in • Drill thrust force: up to 1,000lbs (model dependent) • Spindle speeds: up to 8000 RPM (model dependent) • Requirements: 110VAC & 230/460VAC 3-phase & shop air Options • Adjustable skip speed / rapid advance through material voids (tubing) • Multiple spindle heads • Multiple axis drilling • Onsite installation and training by factory technician
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  Hymark/Kentucky Gauge
Product Category Drilling and Tapping Machines
Product Number KDP Series
Product Name Automatic Drill System
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