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The type of cable used in the antenna system depends on the cable length required and the acceptable signal loss. A general recommendation is to use RG8 for lengths up to 60 ft, 1/2 in. foam for lengths up to 250 ft. and 7/8 in. foam for lengths over 250 ft. The antenna cables for the packaged gauges are designated by adding “C” to the package model number e.g. 5054C. These standard cable assemblies are RG8 with BNC male and PL-259 male connectors. For packages with lightning arrestors add “LA” to the designation e.g. 5054C-LA; the cable is divided in two and “N” type male connectors are added to the assembly. For custom RG8 cables designate CRG8-connector/conne ctor eg. CRG8-BNC/NF. Standard connectors available are BNC(male), PL(-259male), NM(male) and NF(female). For cable lengths over twenty feet order additional cable per foot as CRG8-A. Foam cable is supplied in bulk and ordered by the foot as e.g. C1/2F. Foam cable installation d oes not lend itself to preassembly of the connector set which are ordered separately with a designation e.g. C1/2-CS. The cable is very stiff which requires that the excess cable be trimmed at the time of installation. Another consequence of the stiffness is resolved by adding a RG8 pigtail cable (CRG8-NM/NF) for a smooth transition to the radio package. At sites with tower mounted antenna systems the radio should be installed as close to the antenna as practical to minimize cable length and signal loss.
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