HydraCheck Inc. Microbore Hose Assembly

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Microbore Hose Assembly -  - HydraCheck Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Microbore Hose Assembly
There may be times when you want to check your hydraulic system’s pressure but the test connector is too close to a moving part, making the task too dangerous. Or perhaps you might want to sit in the operator’s seat of a piece of mobile equipment to monitor the machine’s performance. Either way, the microbore hose assembly is designed to make remote pressure observation safe and convenient. Measuring approximately 1/4′ (5mm) in outside diameter and extremely lightweight, microbore hose is available in various lengths for your convenience and comes equipped with 1/4′ NPT male fittings. Specifications: Nominal Bore: DN 2 Maximum Working Pressure: 9000 PSI (630 bar) Minimum Bursting Pressure: 27000 PSI (1900 bar) Working Temperature Rating: -31 to +212°F (-35 to +100°C) Inside Diameter: 0.08′ (2mm) Outside Diameter: 0.2′ (5mm) Reinforcement: Synthetic Fiber Media: Suitable for hydraulic oils and other mineral based fluids
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Technical Specifications

  HydraCheck Inc.
Product Category Industrial Hose
Product Name Microbore Hose Assembly
Product Form Assembly
Working Pressure 9000 psi (6334 m H2O)
Media Other; Hydraulic Oils and Other Mineral Based Fluids
Temperature Range -31 to 212 F (-35 to 100 C)
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