HUBER+SUHNER AG RF Standard Cable Assembly 85174919

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Geneva, IL, United States
RF Standard Cable Assembly NANOBEND2MTR-13
The NANOBENDTM is a new and flexible, high-frequency coaxial cable assembly that is designed for use in low profile, internal, point-to-point interconnections between RF modules within communications systems. As the newest entrant found in the MINIBEND® family of standard flexible cables, NANOBENDTM brings the same capabilities you depend on, but now in the smallest diameter available. The entire cable assembly is extremely flexible and enables tight bending where the cable and connector meet, without compromising on signal strength or stability. NANOBENDTM is ideal for frequencies of up to 65 GHz, and ensures excellent strength and reliable connectivity in high-stress environments. It is triple shielded to minimise radio frequency leakage, further increasing its durability in extreme conditions. Ideal for applications in defense, aerospace, and test and measurement markets where space, weight and performance are critical. NANOBENDTM was designed to meet Sensor Open System Architecture standards (SOSA), it provides plug-and-play capability with existing market solutions, making upgrades flexible and cost-effective. In addition, specially designed connectors offer end-to-end contacts that meet common industry standards, including SMA, SMP, SK, SMPM and SMPM-T.
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Technical Specifications

  Richardson RFPD
Product Category Cable Assemblies
Product Number NANOBEND2MTR-13
Product Name RF Standard Cable Assembly
Cable Length 1.08 ft (3.3 dm)
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