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Water-Displacing Rust Preventive - Metal Guard® 560 - Hubbard-Hall Inc.
Waterbury, CT, USA
Water-Displacing Rust Preventive Metal Guard® 560
DESCRIPTION The result of the latest advances in thin film rust preventive technology, Metal Guard® 560 is designed to be the final finish on an engineered black oxide coating where 150-200 hours of salt spray resistance is desired yet dimensional change cannot be tolerated. It is a solvent-based, water-displacing rust preventive, which can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing and will displace moisture on the metal surface, leaving a continuous film of Metal Guard® directly in contact with the metal surface. Metal Guard® is also used for protection against rust and corrosion on automobile parts and accessories, sewing machines, firearms, fasteners of all types, small gasoline engines, machine tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and metal stampings. FEATURES AND BENEFITS  Meets Mil-C-16173 Grade 3 Specifications  Rapid water displacement  High flash point  Low odor  Thin protective film  Non-staining  Excellent penetrating properties TYPICAL APPLICATIONS  Recommended as a final rust preventative after black oxide coatings.  Recommended as a final rust preventative after machining or cleaning operations.  Recommended as final rust preventative after zinc or manganese phosphate coatings.  Parts may be dipped while they are still wet from final rinse stage, since the displaced water rapidly settles to the bottom of the tank where it is periodically drawn off.
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Technical Specifications

  Hubbard-Hall Inc.
Product Category Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products
Product Number Metal Guard® 560
Product Name Water-Displacing Rust Preventive
Composition / Chemistry Petroleum Distillate; Petroleum or Mineral Oil
Applications Automotive or Transportation; Bearings; Internal Combustion Engines; Machine, Gears, Spindles, Ways and Final Drives; Sewing Machines, Firearms, Fasteners Of All Types, Small Gasoline Engines, Machine Tools, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures and Metal Stampings
Flash Point 149 F (65 C)
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