Honeywell Sensing & IoT Load Cell 060-1426-02

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Load Cell - 060-1426-02 - Honeywell Test & Measurement
Columbus, OH, United States
Load Cell 060-1426-02
Honeywell’s miniature load cells are designed to fit into systems with limited space or tight clearances. The Model 31 series are Honeywell’s highest accuracy, rugged, miniature load cells designed to measure both tension and compression load forces from 50 g to up to 10,000 lb or 0.5 N up to 50,000 N, with high accuracies of 0.15 % to 0.25 % full scale. The all-welded, stainless steel construction is designed to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the effect of off-axis loads. Can be completely welded for underwater applications. If you need special modifications or a complete custom design to meet your unique requirements, please contact us.
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Chicago, IL, United States
Load Cell; Load Capacity Honeywell 27M1581
LOAD CELL; Load Capacity:1000g; Supply Voltage:5VDC; Operating Temperature Min:-5°C; Operating Temperature Max:105°C; Cell Output mV / V:1.5; Product Range:Model 31; External Depth:24.1mm; Length:26.9mm; Line Cell Linearity ±:0.15%
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Force Sensors - Industrial - 480-6079-ND - Digi-Key Electronics
Thief River Falls, MN, USA
Force Sensors - Industrial 480-6079-ND
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Technical Specifications

  Honeywell Test & Measurement Newark, An Avnet Company Digi-Key Electronics
Product Category Force and Load Sensors Force and Load Sensors Force and Load Sensors
Product Number 060-1426-02 27M1581 480-6079-ND
Product Name Load Cell Load Cell; Load Capacity Honeywell Force Sensors - Industrial
Force Measured Tension; Compression
Operating Temperature 23 to 221 F (-5 to 105 C)
Force Rating 2.2 lbs (0.9998 kg) 2.2 lbs (0.9998 kg) 2.21 lbs (1 kg)
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