Honeywell Test & Measurement LVDT Linear Position Sensors 060-0708-08TJG


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LVDT Linear Position Sensors - 060-0708-08TJG - Honeywell Test & Measurement
Columbus, OH, United States
LVDT Linear Position Sensors 060-0708-08TJG
Model PLVX displacement transducer is designed for single and multi-point industrial gaging applications and micro-displacement measurements in research and scientific studies. It incorporates non-rotating armatures to increase resistance to side loads and improve repeatability. Bodies and probes are stainless steel constructed and windings are magnetically shielded. Ultra Precision LVDTs utilize spring loaded captive guided armatures and low friction, non-rotating probes. Non-linearity is 0.25 % full scale. The Model PLVX with a 0.02 in stroke range has a mechanical zero adjustment to correct pre- and over-travel.
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  Honeywell Test & Measurement
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number 060-0708-08TJG
Product Name LVDT Linear Position Sensors
Sensor Technology LVDT Linear Position Sensor
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