High Performance Alloys, Inc. Custom Wear Plates and Liners HPA Cobalt 6B H

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Custom Wear Plates and Liners - HPA Cobalt 6B H - High Performance Alloys, Inc.
Tipton, IN, United States
Custom Wear Plates and Liners HPA Cobalt 6B H
Wear Resistant (Co-Cr-W) Chemistry of AMS 5894. This material surpasses 6K with better ductility, with the same good hardness. HPA COBALT alloy 6B H is the same composition of Cobalt 6B, except the material is hot rolled and then age hardened. The direct age-hardening after hot rolling provides the maximum hardness and wear resistance. The advantages this creates are increased wear life, retained edge characteristics, and increased hardness. These properties are in addition to the galling and seizing resistance of the regular Cobalt 6B. Cobalt 6B H is known in the industry as a metal that retains its cutting edge. The economic advantages are in its long wear time, less down time, and fewer replacements.
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  High Performance Alloys, Inc.
Product Category Protective Liners and Lining Systems
Product Number HPA Cobalt 6B H
Product Name Custom Wear Plates and Liners
Function Abrasion or Sliding Wear
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