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Dissipator® Adhesive - Grade 746 - Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dissipator® Adhesive Grade 746
HERNON® offers a complete line of structural acrylic adhesives. These systems are two-part, no mix, and reactive adhesives. Each acrylic adhesive has two components: the adhesive base or resin, and the Activator. Structural acrylic adhesives are termed “reactive” cure systems. The adhesive base reacts upon contact with the Activator layer to initiate the curing mechanism. The key word is layer – Activator is applied as a thin film or layer to one or both surfaces to be bonded. Adhesive base resin is applied to one surface and parts mated to start the cure reaction. Unlike epoxies acrylics require no direct mixing. Acrylics offer unique performance capabilities. High peel and high impact strengths are combined to deliver tough, durable, shock resistant bonds. Acrylics withstand weathering effects well. Acrylic adhesives do not require extensive surface preparation and bond well to dirty and oily surfaces. Other acrylic features include the ability to bond a wide range of materials, excellent gap fills and fast fixturing times. HERNON® offers two families of acrylic adhesives: the ReAct® bonding systems, and the Dissipator® thermally conductive acrylics. Dissipator® structural acrylics provide specific adhesion for bonding electrical heat sink components with high thermal conductivity. Heat trapped and not dissipated by the components can lead to premature component failure and costly repair and replacement. Thermal conductivity is assured and electrical shorting is prevented by the insulation characteristics of the adhesives. The acrylic adhesives replace mechanical devices and silicone greases that can trap contaminants.
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Technical Specifications

  Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Adhesives
Product Number Grade 746
Product Name Dissipator® Adhesive
Industry Electronics
Viscosity 300000 to 2.00E6 cP
Use Temperature -65 to 300 F (-54 to 149 C)
CTE 0 µin/in-F (0 µm/m-C)
Dielectric Strength 678 kV/in (267 kV/cm)
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