Heyco Metals, Inc. Copper, Nickel & Nickel Silver CDA No. 770


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Copper, Nickel & Nickel Silver CDA No. 770 -  - Heyco Metals, Inc.
Reading, PA, USA
Copper, Nickel & Nickel Silver CDA No. 770
Rolling Three rolling mills to cover customer orders both large and small. One Sundwiger Eisenhuette split-housing 20-hi reversing rolling mill with air wiping, automatic shape measurement and control, automatic contactless gauge control and filtration to 1 micron absolute. This mill received a major upgrade in 2006. Two Sendzimir solid-housing 20-hi rolling mills with automatic contactless gauge control and mineral oil coolant with filtration to 1 micron absolute. Bell Annealing One two-base, single stack Ebner installation with cracked ammonia atmosphere (N2/H2). Strand Annealing Two Drever horizontal twin-stand furnaces and five Drever single strand vertical units. All strand annealers are nitrogen/hydrogen atmospheres for the ultimate in clean, bright, oil-free surfaces on both annealed and tempered materials. Stretch Bend Leveling A wide width Ungerer unit, with automatic shape measurement and control via feedback loops, provides the ultimate in flat, stress-free product. In-line surface inspection automatically scans 100% of both surfaces, capturing all specified defects for later containment as appropriate. A narrow width as-slit leveling unit allows processing of slit product for the best in straightness and freedom from die-exit twist, etc. Slitting Three slitters to meet a variety of customer requirements: a wide-width Ruesch unit using loop-in/loop-out tensionless slitting for optimal slit edge characteristics. Bridle tensioning avoids friction pads and associated surface impairments. This slitter was designed to meet the stringent surface requirements of the lead frame industry. Shimless tooling, computer generated setups and heads designed for off-line tooling changes, all contribute to minimal setup time losses. An intermediate width Ruesch unit also uses tensionless slitting via in/out loops and computer generated shimless tooling. A heavy gauge Yoder unit slits thicker jobs at finish, and pre-slits incoming reroll for optimum yields. Traverse Winding Two, three head units efficiently wind, three strips at a time, pancake coils that have been slit at a separate operation. They are ideally designed for small and intermediate sized jobs, and avoid the complexity and long setup times associated with combined slit/wind units.
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Technical Specifications

  Heyco Metals, Inc.
Product Category Nonferrous Metals and Alloys
Product Name Copper, Nickel & Nickel Silver CDA No. 770
Thickness 0.0020 to 0.0640 inch (0.0508 to 1.63 mm)
Width / OD 0.1880 to 17 inch (4.78 to 432 mm)
Specifications CDA
Grade 770
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