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 - 4682252 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
Bergquist Sil-Pad K-10 is a high performance insulator, combining special film with a filled silicone rubber. The result is a product with good cut-through properties and excellent thermal performance. Sil-Pad K-10 is designed to replace ceramic insulators such as Beryllium Oxide, Boron Nitride and Alumina. Ceramic insulators are expensive and they break easily. Sil-Pad K-10 eliminates breakage and costs much less than ceramics. High performance Kapton® based insulator. Tough dielectric carrier against cut-through. Designed to replace ceramic insulators. Flame rating: UL 94 - V0. Thermal impedance: 0.41°C-in²/W (@50 psi). Colour: beige Dimensions = 12 x 12in Thickness = 0.152mm Length = 12in Width = 12in Thermal Conductivity = 1.3W/m·K Material = Thin Film Polyimide Minimum Operating Temperature = -60°C Maximum Operating Temperature = +180°C Hardness = Shore A 90 Material Trade Name = Sil-Pad K10
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Thermal Compounds and Thermal Interface Materials
Product Number 4682252
Use Temperature -76 to 356 F (-60 to 180 C)
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