Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd. KTP Crystals 6x6x25mm for SHG@1064nm 20203-006

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KTP Crystals 6x6x25mm for SHG@1064nm - 20203-006 - Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.
Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
KTP Crystals 6x6x25mm for SHG@1064nm 20203-006
• Stock and custom crystals available • Maximum aperture: 40x40mm • High nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold • Wide acceptance angle and mild walk-off angle • Applications: SHG@1064nm, OPO, OPA, OPG, and Waveguides Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO3 or KTP) Crystals are a versatile kind of optical crystals. The advantages of KTP crystals include high non-linear coefficient and damage threshold, wide acceptance angle, substantially temperature-stable phase-matching characteristics, and non-hygroscopicity. These traits, combined with its excellent transmission in the visible and near-IR wavelength range, have bulit up their prevalence in the field of Nonlinear Optics (NLOs). KTP crystals could be extensively utilized in the Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) of Nd:YAG lasers. When Shalom's KTP is applied outside the cavity of a 900mJ injection-seeded Q-switch Nd:YAG laser, the resultant output is a 700mJ green laser, suggesting a highly efficient conversion of over 80%. Other applications include OPO/OPA/OPG to obtain 600nm-4500nm light output and SFM. On the other hand, KTP crystals also manifest promising Electro-Optical properties, including great electro-optical coefficients and low dielectric constants, etc. Because KTP crystals virtually produce no parasitic oscillation, the crystals are attractive options for manufacturing EO modulators, Q-switches, EO deflectors, waveguides, etc. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers off-the-shelf and custom KTP Crystals with various coating options and rigorous QC inspection, plus aperture values up to 40x40mm are available. Standard coating options include: AR, HR, HT, PR dual-wavelength coatings for SHG, other custom coatings could also be tailored. For applications with higher power levels, High Gray Track Resistance (HGTR) KTP crystals are also procurable in Shalom EO. Specification: • Diamension 6x6x25mm • Clear Aperture: central 90% of the diameter • Flatness: less than λ/10 @ 633nm • Chamfer: ≤0.2mm at 45° • Surface Quality: better than 10/ 5(MIL-PRF-13830B) • Perpendicularity: ≤5 arc minutes • Coating:AR/AR@1064nm+532nm • Quality Warranty Period: one half year under proper use • Cutting Angle: Theta=90°, Phi=23.5° • Internal Quality: No visible scattering paths or centers under the inspection of 50mW green laser • Transmitting Wavefront Distortion: less than λ/8 @ 633nm • Chip: ≤0.1mm • Parallelism: better than 20 arc seconds • Angle Tolerance: Δθ≤0.25°, Δφ≤0.25° • Applications: For SHG of 1064nm
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  Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Category Optical Crystals
Product Number 20203-006
Product Name KTP Crystals 6x6x25mm for SHG@1064nm
Surface Quality 10-5 Scratch / Dig
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