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Y2 Series Motor
Y2 series three-phase asynchronous electric motors, developed with new techniques, are energy-saving products in strict conformity to the IEC standard. Y2 series motors are defined as totally enclosed, fancooled, squirrel cage type and have such good features as novel design, beautiful modeling, low noising, high efficiency and large torque. The frames and endshields are made of cast iron or aluminum-alloy, and all cooling ribs of motors assume vertical or horizontal distribution. Moreover, these motors have excellent starting performance, compact structure and easy serving. They are adopted with F class insulation and designed with assessing method for insulation system according to international practice. The PTC thermistors or thermal protectors can be mounted according to the special requirements of customers. The protection degree reaches IP54 or IP55 so that it greatly enhances motor's safety and reliability. Therefore, these motors have reached an international advanced level of such kind of products. Y2 series motors can be widely used as driving equipments of various machineries, such as machine tools, blowers, pumps, compressors, transporters, agricultural and food processing.
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Technical Specifications

  Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.
Product Category AC Motors
Product Name Y2 Series Motor
Phase Three-phase
Output Power 0.1608 to 268 HP
Shaft Speed 590 to 2980 rpm
AC Voltage & Frequency 380 V
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