Fiberguide Industries, Inc. Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series Vacuum Feedthrough Interconnect


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Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series Vacuum Feedthrough Interconnect
Fiberguide Industries offers a variety of Vacuum and Pressure Feedthroughs to meet the most demanding applications. In addition to our successful pigtailed version, we included a unique design, where the optical fibers can be disconnected at the feedthrough on both the vacuum and atmospheric sides. This is a considerable advantage when damaged or contaminated fibers need replacing.

Technical Specifications

  Fiberguide Industries, Inc.
Product Category Optical Feedthroughs
Product Number Vacuum Feedthrough Interconnect
Product Name Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series
Feedthrough Mount Flange (optional feature); Threaded (optional feature); Nut (optional feature); Other (optional feature); Con-Flat/ ISO Flange Mount
Vacuum Rating 1.00E-6 torr (29.92 in Hg vac)
Temperature Range ? to 250 C (? to 482 F)
Attenuation -2 dB
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