Halliburton FX Series Conventional PDC Drill Bits


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FX Series Conventional PDC Drill Bits -  - Halliburton
Houston, TX, USA
FX Series Conventional PDC Drill Bits
FX Series™ conventional PDC drill bits are custom designed to both meet the many and varied challenges of conventional drilling and deliver consistently high performance in the most demanding drilling environments. In addition, our new X3 Series™ cutter technology provides more footage drilled at higher rates of penetration because the cutter stays sharper longer. Impact damage is minimized with secondary cutting elements and impact arrestors when drilling interbedded formations. FX Series drill bits are hydraulically optimized using computational fluid dynamics simulations so that cuttings are removed quickly and efficiently to prevent bit balling in soft, sticky formations.
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Product Category Mining and Well Drilling Bits
Product Name FX Series Conventional PDC Drill Bits
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