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Portable Colorimeter HD-X003-1
Product Features: HD-X003-1 is a portable integrating sphere spectrophotometer, and its versatile performance can be used for various practical applications. portable, compact, lightweight and stylish body. Chinese display operation, high-precision sensors. With CM-2600d (ø8) and CM-2500d compatible data. Store up to 1700 sets of data. Usage: Suitable for plastic / rubber, paint, textile dyeing, printing, leather, automobile and so on. Color quality management software can connect, CCM (computer color matching system).
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Technical Specifications

  Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product Category Water Quality Photometers and Colorimeters
Product Number HD-X003-1
Product Name Portable Colorimeter
Response Time 1.5 seconds
Instrument Type Portable
Maximum wavelength of Light source 740 nm (7400 Å)
Interface Options Serial Interface
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