Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd. Pointer Type Bench Top Viscometer HD-C801


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Pointer Type Bench Top Viscometer HD-C801
Specifications 1. High quality, high accuracy 2. Reasonable price 3. Great after-sale service Rotational Viscometer This instrument is suitable to test liquid viscosity resistance and the absolute viscosity of liquids. It is widely used to measure the viscosity of petroleum, grease, paint, paste, food, drugs, cosmetics and other liquids. It is quipped with the four rotors of NO.1~4, which are selectable to use according to the level of viscosity of the testing liquid. NDJ Series Digital Viscometer (NDJ-1S/NDJ-5S/NDJ-8 S) is a kind of intelligent instrument that is based on 16 bits high-performance single chip microprocessor technology. It completely abandons the old method of gear speed and stepping motor based on programmable setting operates smoothly and accurately. Run motor by the torque sensor driving rotor to rotate with constant speed. As the rotor is subject to viscous resistance in tested liquid, viscosity of measured liquid will be displayed in the LCD screen after testing and processing. Compared to the same kind of machine, this machine has the advantages of easy and efficient operation, high accuracy measurement, stable rotating speed, good anti-jamming performance and high working voltage (110V,220V,50HZ,60HZ available). It has the percent of measured values and full range, which is convenient for the user to choose accurate rotor and rotating speed to measure the liquid.
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  Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product Category Viscometers
Product Number HD-C801
Product Name Pointer Type Bench Top Viscometer
Dynamic Viscosity Range 10 to 100000 cps
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