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UV Analysis Meter HD-A827
Operation manual: Turn on the Power button of testing meter, it will display “0” mj/cm2 on the screen: Put the back of the meter face to UV light source so as to ensure the availability; The meter can record UV energy after irradiating for a period time; and the screen will display data with energy unit mj/cm2. Testing meter should be turn off when start a new testing. Then turn on the machine to test as per above steps. Notes: 1. To avoid frequently shake and drop the meter; 2. Turn off and well pack the meter after usage each time; 3. Please do not face the UV when testing so as to avoid strong radiation; 4. Please do not place the screen of testing meter under strong light and hot temperature. Technical parameter: spectral range: UV 250-410nm Light intensity range: 0-5,00 0 mW/cm2 Testing range: 0-999,999 mJ/cm2 Power: AAA battery Battery consumption: 100μA Battery lifetime: One year under normal usage Size: Diameter 140mm, height 13mm Weight: 450g Environmental temperature: 0-45℃ Testing temperature: 110℃(time should be less than 10s) Calibration time: To be suggested to calibrate in every one year as electronic parts will be aging. Warranty: One year after the date of purchasing (except manual damage).
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  Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product Category UV and Visible Spectrometers
Product Number HD-A827
Product Name UV Analysis Meter
Operating Temperature 32 to 113 F (0.0 to 45 C)
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