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Optical Measuring Machine HD-3501A
Equipment discription: Optical Measuring Machine applies to the second coordinate measurement for the purpose of all applications, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics and other industries widely used. Main feature: 1. Apparatus with RS-232 interface ,when connected to the computer, special measurement software M2D can process and output the mapping graph. 2. Apparatus using color CCD camera, zoom lens and the cross line generator as a measure aiming system; 3. Grating electric box with the composition of DC-3000 Digital Measurement and data processing systems; 4. Apparatus with a variety of data processing, display, input, output, particularly useful piece straighten function; users matching the printer according to their needs and target different measurement systems. Main function: Element measurements: multi-point measurement point, line, circle, arc, angle, ellipse, rectangle measuring points provided, automatic identification of point, line, circle, arc. Element structure: the center structure, the intersection of structure, the mid-point structure, line structure, a round structure, the angle structures. Preset elements: point, line, circle, arc. Graphics: coordinate translation, straighten the workpiece. Arbitrary axis straightened, coordinate system reset. Graphic to enlarge, reduce graphics, graphics translation, graphic printing Graphic is selected, uncheck, graphics removed. Set the zoom, graphics narrow, graphic print radio is selected, deselect, graphics removed. Set the gray scale image, saturation, contrast, image saved as a BMP format. A variety of edge detection mode, the computer automatically get points, automatic identification circle, arc greatly enhance the speed of mining points. Image support S video input; image size 640 * 480mm. Software’s common feature: Multi-point measurement point, line, circle, arc, ellipse, improving measurement accuracy. Straightened coordinates translation and coordinate measurement more convenient and efficient, improve the measurement efficiency. convenient combination of elements, users simply click graph could be composed of point, line, circle, distance, angle. Macro commands, batch jobs with a kind of measurement is more convenient, made of high measurement efficiency. Measurement data directly to AutoCAD, the measurement of the graphics can be saved dxf document. Measurement data can be sent to Excel, for statistical analysis, can draw a simple Xbar-S control chart, calculated Ca, and other parameters. multilingual interface switching. Record user program, editing commands, taught to perform.
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Technical Specifications

  Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product Category Dimensional and Profile Scanners
Product Number HD-3501A
Product Name Optical Measuring Machine
Control PC
Mounting Options Free Standing
Machine Type 2-D Scanning / Profiling
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