Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd. Industrial Projector HD-3015 / HD-3020 / HD-3025


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Industrial Projector HD-3015 / HD-3020 / HD-3025
Equipment discription: High sharpness Industrial Projector. also known as projector. industrial projector. used to shape complex stampings. gears. cams. threads and more measured contour model. easy to use. high efficiency. is a commonly used measure of optical instruments. Applicable industry: This high sharpness Industrial Projector widely used in major machinery manufacturers including aviation and aerospace industries,watches. electronics industries. instrumentation industry. research institutes and departments at all levels of testing metering stations. metering and so on. Main feature: 1. Modern design. compact structure. easy operation. 2. Length. angle measurements of realization. 3. Non-spherical condenser illumination. bright field of view. illumination uniformity. image clarity. 4. Multi-function digital display systems. instruments with RS232 interface and data processing software. 5. Strong heat system. heat dissipation. good performance. more stable. 6. Using high brightness. long life lighting.
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  Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product Category Optical Comparators
Product Number HD-3015 / HD-3020 / HD-3025
Product Name Industrial Projector
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