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Coating Thickness Gauge
Brief Introduction Of Coating Thickness Gauge : Coating Thickness Gauge: adopts magnetism and vortex for measurement, can test the thickness of the non-magnetic coating on the magnetic metal base or the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the no-magnetic base. This gauge is with little deviation, high stability, easy operation, and it is the essential instrument to guarantee the quality. Main Parameters Of Coating Thickness Gauge: Matrix: Fe / NFe probe forms: one / split Display: LCD digital display Measuring range: Fe :0-3000μm or 0-5000um NFe: 0-3000μm Accuracy: 0-50μm: ≤±1μm ,50-1000μm: ≤±1.5% ,1000-2000μm: ≤±2%, 2000-5000μm ≤±3% Display Accuracy: 0-99μm: 0.1μm , 99-999um: 1um, 1000μm above, 0.01mm Working temperature: -10 - +60 ℃ Temperature compensation :0-50 ℃ Minimum base: 10mm × 10mm Minimum curvature: convex, concave radius: 3mm/25mm Thinnest substrate: Fe: 0.2mm, NFe: 0.05mm Power source: two AA batteries Weight: 110g Size: 110 × 60 × 27mm
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  Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product Category Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Product Name Coating Thickness Gauge
Accuracy 0-50µm: =±1µm, 50-1000µm: =±1.5%, 1000-2000µm: =±2%, 2000-5000µm =±3%
Measurement Scale / Units Metric
Mounting / Loading Options Handheld or Portable
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