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Automatic Micro Moisture Meter
Method for the determination of ": Carle Fischer coulometry (power law); Display: 7 inch widescreen color touch screen liquid crystal display, Chinese prompt operation, friendly interface. The electrolytic current: 0-400mA automatic control ; Measuring range: 0 . 1 μ g-200mgH2O ( 2ppm~100% ) Resolution: 0 . 1 μ gH2O ( 0 . 1ppm ) Accuracy: non sampling error: ≤ 1mgH2O error is less than the measured value of the ± 0 . 1% , > 1mgH2O error is less than ± 0 . 3% of measured values; Print: high speed low noise micro printer output; record storage: storage of 256 records; fault detection: automatic fault detectionand prompt; sampling methods: volume sampling, weighingsampling and dilution sampling, sample Chinese prompt inputparameters; automatic conversion; automatic conversion ppm , percentage, mgH2O\L and its average value: Display unit: gH2O, ppm, percentage, mgH2O\L; Power: the maximum 60W; ambient temperature: 5 ℃ -45 ℃; the humidity of the environment : the environment humidity below 80%; size: 350mm x 230mm x 180mm weight 8kg; "
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  Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product Category Moisture Meters
Product Name Automatic Micro Moisture Meter
Form Factor Instrument
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