Gullco International Limited Electrode Stabilizing Portable Oven 10 A-20


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Electrode Stabilizing Portable Oven - 10 A-20 - Gullco International Limited
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Electrode Stabilizing Portable Oven 10 A-20
They're lightweight, rugged and completely portable...easy to load, easy to carry...ready to provide low cost control of welding quality in the shop or in the field. Reduce operating costs by providing your welding operators with fast access to electrodes at the point-of-work. There's a model exactly suited to your requirements. Operates from any 115 or 220 volt, AC/DC source, is equipped with rod lifter, pilot light and has 25.4mm high false bottom to prevent moisture damage to electric connections. Oven temperature, not controlled by thermostat, average 135°C. Provides absolute electrode stability when used in conjunction with temperature controlled ovens Weight capacity depends on welding electrode length
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Technical Specifications

  Gullco International Limited
Product Category Ovens (industrial)
Product Number 10 A-20
Product Name Electrode Stabilizing Portable Oven
Temperature Range 275 F (135 C)
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