Grommes~Precision Electronics, Inc. 500 & AXIOM 500-OTL Power Amplifier


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Living up to it’s name, the AXIOM 500 & AXIOM 500-OTL provides the solid foundation in which to build an exceptional, long lasting sound system. Both units are high fidelity commercial audio amplifiers that pump 500 watts of continuous RMS power. The AXIOM 500 includes an isolation output transformer that allows for 8 ohm, 25V, 70.7V, or 100V operation. The AXIOM 500-OTL (Output Transformer Less) reduces overall cost and allows for straight 70.7V operation. Engineered for all-in-one telephone paging solutions, the AXIOM 500 & AXIOM 500-OTL includes a balanced 600 ohm/Tel-Page input (with a tamper resistant volume control) that is capable of muting two aux inputs (defeatable), which are strapped in parallel. It’s packed with safeguards to ensure long-life, including: short circuit, peak overload, current limiting, thermal runaway, and output relay (no more “pop” when turned on). Plus, with over a half-century of experience in the industry, Grommes~Precision backs these units with its unbeatable expertise and Assurance Program: a 5 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
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  Grommes~Precision Electronics, Inc.
Product Category Audio Mixers and Consoles
Product Number 500 & AXIOM 500-OTL Power Amplifier
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