Griffin Pump & Equipment, Inc. 600 Series Hydraulic Power Unit 600HPND


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600 Series Hydraulic Power Unit 600HPND
Griffin’s Hydraulic Power Units are available in five standard sizes; 250 Series, 400 Series, 600 Series, 800 Series and 825 Series. These units are self contained, portable, diesel-driven or electric-driven hydraulic power units. These units are capable of powering hydraulic submersible pumps or other hydraulic equipment. Due to the ability to throttle the engine, a wide variety of hydraulic flow and pressure can be delivered. These Griffin units operate efficiently at a wide range of conditions. They can be positioned in remote locations without the need for electrical power and at distances of 150 feet or greater away from the pumphead itself. Also, through the use of biodegradable hydraulic oils, these units are an environmentally friendly solution. Each unit is also equipped with a hydraulic relief valve to insure safe operation.
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Technical Specifications

  Griffin Pump & Equipment, Inc.
Product Category Hydraulic Power Units
Product Number 600HPND
Product Name 600 Series Hydraulic Power Unit
Operating Pressure 3000 psi (2111 m H2O)
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