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STATIC FACE Seals Series -  - Greene, Tweed & Co.
Kulpsville, PA, USA
STATIC FACE Seals Series
Greene, Tweed’s Static Face™ Seals are designed to eliminate sealing problems in face-mounted assemblies where large clearances can occur and/or pressures up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) are encountered. Engineered as a “drop-in” replacement for O-rings in seal glands with applied depth and length per MIL-G-5514, the Static Face seal consists of an L-shaped elastomeric sealing element with a hydromechanically energized mating back-up ring. For the blind mounting conditions of pumps, valves and manifolds, use the “50” series designator for a press-fit backup that retains the seal within the gland for ease of assembly and field repairs. At zero or low pressure the Static Face Seal’s elastomeric element functions as a positive sealing element, much like an O-ring. As pressure builds, this element transmits system pressure to the anti-extrusion ring forcing it against the gland wall and bridging any extrusion gaps that are generated as a result of hardware expansion.
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