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Kulpsville, PA, USA
Scrapers and Wipers
Greene, Tweed offers a variety of scrapers and wipers to match any application challenge. From harsh media to extreme environmental conditions, Greene, Tweed provides the most reliable materials and scraper designs available for customization in any application. AVALON® SCRAPERS/WIPERSVersatile scraper design There are several Avalon® scrapers available to meet each application™s unique challenge: 4186 Scraper: A rubber-spring energized scraper with an endless PTFE jacket (ring). The elastomeric energizer is situated on the centerline, reducing the tendency to roll out if the primary seal leaks. These designs can be a direct replacement for M28776 scrapers. 2280 Scraper: A bidirectional wiper utilizing an O-ring energizer. These designs fit the same grooves as the BACS34A (Boeing) scraper. 2145 Scraper: A metal garter-spring energized scraper with a scarf-cut PTFE ring. These designs can be a direct replacement for M28776 scrapers. FEATURES & BENEFITS Excellent wear resistance resulting in extended service life Maximum exclusion capabilities for elimination of contamination ingression Virtually eliminates scrapers™ rolling and twisting, resulting in extended service life Offered in a variety of configurations to meet most of the standard glands used in today™s existing aircraft applications
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Technical Specifications

  Greene, Tweed & Co.
Product Category Oil Seals and Grease Seals
Product Name Scrapers and Wipers
Seal Orientation Rod Seal
Housing I.D. or Seal O.D. 0.7900 to 13.49 inch (20.07 to 343 mm)
Material (ASTM Abbreviation) Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
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